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jasmine’s favorite things 2016

Cue My Favorite Things song…

We all have our favorites and I’m always open to try new things, but I want to highlight and share with you all the things that help fuel my passion for kitchen fun.  There are new things that I’ve collected or experimented this past year, but I also have my tried and true that will always have a place in my heart and kitchen.

So in true Oprah fashion, I’ll be sharing some of my absolute favorite things till Christmas…


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Guittard Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

I always have a couple bags of these chocolate chips in my pantry.  It’s my go to for those random chocolate chip cookie days.  These semi-sweet chocolate chips have no added milk, so it won’t be a problem if dairy is a concern.  Also, real vanilla is used!

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fullsizerender-6Plugra European Style Butter

Butter is so good and good butter makes such a difference!  For a long time, I wouldn’t buy butter that didn’t come in a package of 16 ounces and was more than $5.00, but when I finally bought Plugra and used it my chocolate chip cookies, it changed my world.  It might not be a butter you buy all the time, but I do hope you try it at least once.  You can buy this at most grocery stores, Whole Foods and Safeway have it for sure.  I use this butter mostly for baking or when butter is a big part of a recipe, think cream cheese frosting.  Yum!

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fullsizerender-5Anthropologie Latte Bowl Set

These latte bowls have been in my dreams since I used to work at Anthropologie years ago. Even with a hefty employee discount, I never bought them because I didn’t want to make the decision of what color to buy.  Lame right?  I finally bought some and white was the color!  These bowls are great for everyday use and look great in an open kitchen cabinets!  Anthropologie gets new colors all the time, but I think white is totally a statement color for your collection.

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fullsizerender-3Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Baking Sheets
$8.99 – $10.99

I have a plethora of baking sheets, but these are by far the best baking sheets I’ve owned. The material is thick, so there is no warping, leaving you with the most evenly baked cookies or roasted veggies.  They come in a quarter sheet size and a half sheet size, buy them both, two of each, now.  Really, now, because they’re on sale at Target!

Don’t be out of the know!  Come back soon for another one of favorite things!


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